Dynxperts project

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Machine tools are a key component in industrial production processes as they play an important role in the added value of manufactured products. The main objective of this project is to develop a series of portable plug-and-produce components to improve the overall productivity and process quality of production line.

With this objective in mind, DYNXPERTS project has focused in active spindle heads and smart fixtures proposing a new generation of plug and produce adaptive components. These components are able to improve the dynamic behaviour of machine tools in several aspects and increase their productivity introducing new features in existing machines.


  • A new concept of spindle head for heavy roughing operations: “The 5F Active Inertial Spindle Head” This self-sufficient spindle will introduce 5 innovative functionalities in the industry. This inertial head will be able to calibrate the dynamics of the machine in all the positions of the working volume. It will be able to automatically estimate if a process may lead to an unstable response of the machine. It will damp harmful vibrations using an inertial drive embedded in the head. The acceleration measured in the head will be made available to the machine's control system to close additional velocity or acceleration loops. Finally it will constantly monitor the state of the mechanical elements of the head.

  • An innovative spindle head for High Speed Machining: ”The 5F Magnetic Active Spindle Head” It will make use of magnetic bearing technology and will feature the aforementioned 5 functionalities of the new roughing head. In this component the actuation to calibrate the machine and to avoid self-excited vibrations will be made using the capability of the magnetic bearings to induce a force in the shaft.

These two heads will be fully plug-and-produce and automatically adaptive. Their on-board intelligence and measurement and actuation capabilities will permit to hold the machining process at optimum performance despite considerable variations in the process or in the machine.

  • A new component will be created to introduce the stability charts into the production lines in an automatic way: This device will measure the critical dynamics of the tool, generating the stability charts and providing automatically the best process parameters to guarantee optimal machining and chatter free cutting conditions.
  • New magnetorheological fixturing devices will be developed in the project based on an active damper and clamping system. The damping will be implemented with magnetorheological elastomers which will be able to adapt to the dynamics of different large and flexible work pieces.
  • To reinforce the self-sufficiency, portability and plug-and-produce features of the components described above the project will focus on energy harvester devices and wireless communication bridges. The energy harvesting functionality will allow to locate numerous monitoring sensors in positions extremely close to the points where the action takes place during a machining operation: the interior of the head and the clamps of the fixture. The wireless bridge will be used to transmit the information monitored by these sensors to the control units of each of the components, but also to link the new plug-and-produce devices to the machine's control.